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When it doesn't fit anywhere else
 #10167  by China Cat
 Wed Nov 08, 2006 5:57 pm
Anyone with itunes is probably familiar with podcasts. Theyre a subscription to a program that frequently posts new blocks of music (think radio on demand kind of). theyre all free. well anyway theres this amazing one called Jaybird's Endless Boundaries that covers jam and reggae. It is recorded from Jaybird's Endless Boundaries sets on z88.9 FM in south jersey (BCC?) It plays a lot of moe., SCI, umphrey's, DB, trey, phil and friends, vinyl, ally, and a lot of philly-area jam bands as well as reggae. it is focused on modern jam, so there wont be any dead on there very often (if at all) anyway, ive had it for about a month and its given me so much amazing music, and turned me on to so many amazing bands. i just wanted to share this good thing ive found.

P.S. every week they post 1 jam set (30 min at least usually) and one LIVE PHISH SOUNDCHECK! (usually around 45 min). enjoy.

 #10169  by squire758
 Wed Nov 08, 2006 6:28 pm
im too poor for an ipod so what r the names of some of those great bands, id like to check em out

 #10171  by pinkfloyd188
 Wed Nov 08, 2006 7:27 pm
damn man.

ive had iTunes for a while, but ive always put my own music on there. never knew what podcasts really were until i went to itunes store and searched jaybird....

thank you. :-)

 #10173  by China Cat
 Wed Nov 08, 2006 7:56 pm
youre welcome pinkfloyd.

here are the bands i mentioned:

String Cheese Incident
Disco Biscuits
Umphrey's McGee
Trey Anastasio Band
Phil Lesh and Friends
The Ally

you can hear a lot of them on their websites, which u can usually get just by typing in www.(bandname).com or searching on google.

btw you can download itunes for free on without paying for anything or buying an ipod. you dont need an ipod for itunes, and the podcasts and music management make it worth it.