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When it doesn't fit anywhere else

 #10244  by weedar
 Sat Nov 11, 2006 6:13 am
strumminsix, I didn't really mean communism, more like
socialism. I've met several Americans that are suprised that
they don't have to pay a huge bill to get medical care here,
and I for one think it's insane to have to pay insurance to get
help - especially when the insurance rarely pays for special
treatment - at least that is the impression I get.

Your health shouldn't have to depend on how much money you
make, we're all equal - just seems that some are more equal
than others.. :roll:
 #10443  by dynaguytn
 Mon Nov 20, 2006 1:09 pm
shakedown_04092 - "Blazing Saddles" I think it WAS dazzling, I'll post after I watch it next time.

I think we just have the wrong objective here, it is a controlled substance yes - but legalizing is hard to do, relaxing control is the easy road. A sin tax like alcohol & tobacco seems logical to me, the real obstacle is how to phrase it so that a "vote for" can be seen as being "tough on drugs."

Remember, it's the politicians who will legislate it, and they will do it the very INSTANT that they think the popular vote is with them.

How's this?
"Congress has proposed legislation which will make it unprofitable to smuggle Marijuana into the United States, by undercutting the free market "street" price of the drug. Marijuana, a plant of the Hemp family, can be locally grown at extremely low cost, and even with a large tax levy applied it can still sell at a price far below the current black market."

Of course, if the Politicians are already plugged into the black market ....
 #10448  by shakedown_04092
 Mon Nov 20, 2006 3:06 pm
[quote="dynaguytn"]shakedown_04092 - "Blazing Saddles" I think it WAS dazzling, I'll post after I watch it next time.quote]

Ah, yes. I believe you are correct! Great movie, nonetheless. One of my all-time favs.