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When it doesn't fit anywhere else
 #140089  by Tennessee Jedi
 Tue Jul 01, 2014 10:05 am

Hey Hey
Question for the techno heads out there
How can we record our shows using this board ?
Its a Mackie 1604
How would you do it ?
Are the RCA jacks tho only out puts we can use ?
I was hoping to plug my Zoom recorder into it but cant figure out the best way
Any tips are most appreciated .....
 #140095  by tcsned
 Wed Jul 02, 2014 4:52 am
Do you guys use a sound man? It's always good to have someone at the controls.

I think you have 4 aux outs of your mixer, that's probably what I would use if you're not using them all for monitor mixes. I assume you guys play a lot of clubs like we do, not terribly big and rooms where amps can more or less carry a room. Tapping the main out may not yield a great result as amplified instruments won't be that prominent in the main mix and things like acoustic guitars, keyboards, vocals, etc.

If you can use two aux outs even better, you can run a stereo mix or run vocals out of one, everything else out of the other, or whatever makes most sense to your ears.
 #140097  by Smolder
 Wed Jul 02, 2014 5:43 am
With a H&A 16:2, Here's how we do it...

1) not looking for mix down - just something better an the room

We run front of house in mono. Monitors are already mono.

We do not mic amps, just vocals... But those do pick up some amp/drum sound.

Shift all vocals to the left channel using the balance. Then run a mike to either side of the stage above head height, behind the open back amps. Those get mixed to the right channel. Then take the signal out (board, monitor, or even headphone out) to the recorder. After, we adjust left and right for the appropriate levels if instruments and vocals own to mono, or just adjust during playback.

For us, it's purely for a post show critique.