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When it doesn't fit anywhere else
 #138158  by tatittle
 Tue Apr 08, 2014 4:45 pm
I just read Jimmy Tebeau is getting out (or has). Welcome home!

I do not know the specifics of his case, but it saddens me to see the way people are bullied and abused by the powerful, especially when it is those whose mandate is to serve citizens. It is an injustice that the government seeks out valuable property to confiscate and then develops a scheme to bring charges in an effort to realize their primary goal: enriching the state at the expense of those not powerful enough (or more precisely not connected to influential folks in gov't) to fight back. Add to that gov't employees trying to make a name for themselves and boost their career at the expense of justice and individual liberty. This kind of thing is happening more and more as state/federal budgets are beginning to face paying for promises they made years ago, while the weak economy reduces the traditional income streams. I do not know the current standing of Mr. Tebeau's land, but if it is still in the possession of the state, and there is any way we can help this brother get his land back, I fully support it. Mr. Tebeau shared his land with the com'ty, facilitating the brotherhood, joy, peace, culture, and creativity that is the pinnacle of Earthly existence. Some bad behavior will always accompany a gathering of many people. This is due to human nature not negligence; and changing human nature is far beyond the control of a landowner or boss. Shall we arrest HUD bereaucrats because drugs are sold in public housing projects? The NFL because people get drunk in the parking lots and then drive home? This seems to be the state's logic. The gov'ts logic is throwing out the baby in a futile effort to prevent dirty bathwater.

For facilitating these priceless positive things (and the unavoidable few "bad" things that accompany any crowd) he has suffered an injustice perpetrated by OUR gov't, which is increasingly overstepping its proper role and abandoning respect for, and accountability to, individual citizens. Individual prop'ty rights is a pillar of the foundation of the USA, and a critical component of our excellence and opportunity. The longer we accept these totalitarian tactics either in apathy or ignorance, the more those engaging in them will act as if they have our consent to do so.

I might add I am humbled by the positive attitude quotes suggest he maintains during this ordeal. What a terrific example of knowing what is really important in life and being a light to those around you. Nobody can take that away.
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 #138161  by Poor Peter
 Tue Apr 08, 2014 6:23 pm
Last thing I remember reading his land was bought by the State of Missouri for $600,000+ and was designated as a state park. Scum bags.