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When it doesn't fit anywhere else
 #135618  by jack-A-roe
 Tue Jan 14, 2014 10:11 am
hey all,

just got a great new device a couple weeks ago and i thought to post the info. it's a practice amp from Yamaha (the THR10C) and I haven't been able to unplug since i received it. the THR is supposed to indicate third, as in your third amp (i.e. you got the big rack and smaller amp and this practice amp) and i have never heard ANY practice amp sound this good. it models a pretty nice array for amps and does surprisingly well at that. i end up playing most of the time on the bass setting with the bass knob turned all the way down and the mid and treble turned all the way up. this gives a really wonderful full clean tone that i think folks would like.

i have never in my life heard the sounds/tone that comes outta this little guy at these volumes. it basically gives you the same/similar tone that you get on many tube amps by cranking them way up, but at wife pleasing volumes in your home office/practice area. this amp has greatly increased my available playing time and that is always good. the build quality is great too, very solid. it is about 7lbs so it is very easy to pick up and move to a different room at a moments notice. it also has a usb connection to the computer that allows you to hook up and 1)adjust everything and save presets of your own (5 preset buttons exist) and 2)allow you to record what you're playing. the other really cool thing about the recording over usb thing is that when you record you are actually sending to the computer both the moded and clean guitar signal. i thought that was a really well thought out item.

basically, the yamaha guys hit it outta the park with this little guy. awesome. if you can't tell, i really like this amp. it is without a doubt the best and last practice amp you will ever buy. it is pricey at $299, but with some deal hunting i was able to get it for -20% plus tax and free shipping.

if you're looking for some kinda practice amp i suggest that you go to your nearest guitar store and check this thing out. you will not leave without one. there are three different models to choose from and a lot of other info to be found online. the C is for classic, there is a normal and a high gain model too.

i'm not associated with yamaha at all, just thought that this kind of device needs to be shared with friends... :peas:

take it easy.