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When it doesn't fit anywhere else
 #134821  by Adam Deckard
 Thu Dec 12, 2013 1:08 am
Holy shit I am so excited to be getting my new Jerry Garcia Replica prescription glasses! These could not be more perfect. I commissioned Jerry's personal eye doctor to build me the beauties. It has been well worth the 5 year wait for the him to create these.I will make sure to post a video of me wearing them and a review in case you guys want to get your own.


You can compare these replicas to the ones in the picture below i assure you that the craftsman has done a fantastic job at these they really do feel as good as they look! Just get a load of the attention to detail used in the engraving on the right temple piece. Also the temple tips of these replicas incorporate the exact same grippy resilient polymer used in the originals. These are really the real deal dudes. Now PlayinDead, I know your going to chime in and say there is no solder on the left side of the bridge piece where it connects to the frame, but I assure you that the ones you are refering to were actually Rayban 2.3 which Jerry wore in 73. These are Rayban 3.0s. Yes I am aware of the incident in which he dropped his previous pair en route to baskin robins dec 12, 1973 Waldo please do not try to dispute this I have done immense research on this item.


From this picture you can tell by the hairs on Ol Jer's upper lip that these are the glasses he wore during this photo shoot at 12:04pm on Oct 19, 1974.. This was the day he trimmed his beard before his show at Winterland that night!

Here is a video of Jerry wearing them at his concert that night.

Now a little known fact about these glasses is that when Phil heard that Jerry had comissioned his eye doctor to construct these new glasses he decided he wanted a pair just like them. What many of you havn't heard is that Phil actually received his pair two months before Jerry, which Jerry was obviously not too happy about, and is why jerry pushed him down the stairs after their show at Alexandra Palace on September 18 of the same year. You can actually see in the video at 3:24 that phil is wearing his pair.. copy cat!

I know what you are all wondering though... Do I have the same prescription as Jerry.. You godamn right i do. I could care less what feels better for me personally I want EXACTLY what he had. And I tell you what.. They are amazing! I finally realized that its not in the equipment or in the "fingers" like people love to say. Its really about how you see the fret board and with glasses just like Jerry I finally found that I can play all his licks effortlessly now.

Anyhoo, I will be at the next dead gear expo with these on display if anyone would like to give them a test drive. and PM me if you want contact info for Jerry's eye doctor. But I warn you you, these will get your wife all kinds of pissed at you for draining the bank account because they are expensive as hell. But like I always say, "who gives a shit." Am I right?
 #134823  by tcsned
 Thu Dec 12, 2013 4:50 am
I think that's the final piece to getting "the sound" - when they hang off your nose just right they reflect your vibrating strings back into the Super 2 giving you that high end sparkle that we are all seeking.
 #134824  by TI4-1009
 Thu Dec 12, 2013 6:35 am
:lol: :lol: :lol:

 #134827  by tcsned
 Thu Dec 12, 2013 7:09 am
. . . of course I don't think I can quit wearing my Harry Carey replicas

 #134832  by mgbills
 Thu Dec 12, 2013 10:45 am
Awesome! :smile: :smile: :smile:

Did you have the Bear designed micro-transistor powered "Meat Detector" built into the arm?
 #134844  by tcsned
 Thu Dec 12, 2013 2:20 pm
Tennessee Jedi wrote:as someone who wears glasses I always make sure to push them back up my nose at a dramatic time in a solo
 #134852  by waldo041
 Thu Dec 12, 2013 6:31 pm
:lol: :lol: :lol: :shock:

nothing to dispute, but must add that he eventually was known as a chromatic player. 8)

 #134854  by TI4-1009
 Thu Dec 12, 2013 7:23 pm
waldo041 wrote::lol: :lol: :lol: :shock:

nothing to dispute, but must add that he eventually was known as a chromatic player. 8)