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When it doesn't fit anywhere else

 #9104  by wisedyes
 Thu Sep 21, 2006 8:28 am
I used to like it, but now it honestly makes me sleepy and unmotivated. So I tend to avoid it. A drink or two while I'm performing is okay, but serious alcohol use is a big no-no at gigs, for lots of reasons. One, club owners generally don't like to deal with drunks, it makes you look very unprofessional. Two, it does absolutely NO favors for your playing.Three, really sloshed band members are a danger to everyone's equipment. ( I will never forget the night our totally trashed 6'7" bass player fell into and demolished my rig on stage!!! ) Four, alcohol can "amp up" any disagreements, hard feelings, etc, between the performers. Nothing says We'll never work in this town again like open fighting on stage or in the club.

But I do think that the effects of weed are different for everyone. It didn't always make me feel that way.

 #9235  by laymedown
 Wed Sep 27, 2006 9:42 am
Don't do it. :D Makes you lose play off. You'll react slower to chages in the song, and if you have a band with you, it sounds bad. Though if you are soloing it might be pulled off well.