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When it doesn't fit anywhere else
 #119158  by strumminsix
 Thu Sep 27, 2012 1:30 pm
Lunchbox16 wrote:I never said that colored mattered. I just used that as a metric for establishing that they were CD-Rs and not factory made discs. I have no idea what type of production goes into making these things, or how many are made at each show, hence why I asked in the first place. The disc sets that they sell online - are those leftovers from what was made at the venue or is there a standing order for 5000 (for example) CD sets per show. The color does not matter, and so long as the DAE is error free I don't care if they're the cheapest CD-Rs on the planet. I just need them for DAE. I simply used these terms (e.g. factory silvers) to help differentiate between CD-Rs and non-CD-Rs, which is apparently the nomenclature I should have used initially.

The POINT in all of this is since they are CD-Rs it is not worth the extra money to buy a given show on disc because 1. CD-Rs are cheap and I can burn my own if needs be, 2. most people are going to put them on their computer/device anyway so the CD format has no benefits in that situation.
My point was that TY's look exactly like a professionally pressed CD's! The don't look like CDRs.