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When it doesn't fit anywhere else
 #113405  by Cmnaround
 Wed May 02, 2012 6:36 pm
Any recommendations for downloadable shows on etree torrent or the archive that are in tune for playing along with? I like bit torrent to get SBDs - at the right speed so it is in 440. A lot of shows are a half step flat or sharp due to the recording speed.
 #113406  by Pete B.
 Wed May 02, 2012 6:42 pm
I find that straight-up A440 works for most of the commercially available Dead/JGB DVD's.
They are usually very close to straight up in my expieience.
Sometimes if it is a little off I tune my high E (or whatever note is convienient) to be in tune with the band, then see where that is in the tuner, and tune all strings to that.
I play along with streaming Archive shows all the time.
Have fun!
 #113408  by Poor Peter
 Wed May 02, 2012 8:09 pm
Look for torrents that have pitch correction or pitch control. Almost all of Charlie Millers torrents on the etree site have a note somewhere on them that says, "thanks to Joe Blow for his help with pitch correction." I don't really know how close they are because I rarely try to pick stuff off of recordings anymore, but it should be a good place to start.
 #113421  by hippieguy1954
 Thu May 03, 2012 5:31 am
I don't play along that much these days, but when I did I would just tune to what I'm playing along with. No big deal! :smile: :smile: :smile:
 #113517  by wolftigerrosebud
 Sat May 05, 2012 5:07 am
yeah it actually wouldn't be bad ear training to have to tune by ear to a recording of music, if it's a half step or less. i've found that the more i tune by ear, the faster and more accurate i am at it. possible bright side.