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 #106872  by Laytonco
 Wed Dec 21, 2011 8:02 am
Morning brothers & sisters!
My band, New Speedway Boogie, is playing the Grateful Giving Benefit for the Denver Metro CareRing Foodbank tomorrow night (22 Dec - Doors open at 8pm) at Quixote's True Blue, 2151 Lawrence Street, Denver. Along with us is Irie Sancho and Weedin' Pie. Metro CareRing is a hunger relief organization that operates one of the largest food pantries in Denver. Last year, Metro CareRing provided 131,698 hunger relief and self-sufficiency services to low-income and homeless individuals, offering food, nutriton and healthy living education, utility and transportation assistance, employment readiness programs, and identification documents.
If you're in Denver and want to come have some fun and support a great cause with canned or dry food items or cash, then come on down!
Finally, we have a site with actual tunes up from our last show in Nederland! Please enjoy! Gil

Tunes Link -