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 #101806  by Staemius
 Mon Aug 01, 2011 10:03 pm
Met Donna Jean, David Nelson, Tony Rice and Buddy Hicks - I'm sure I bugged em all pretty good in the green room, lol. We played well but my Boogie IIa was unusable for a bad pre-amp tube, argh. Went direct and had great compliments on my 'tone' - go figure. Scarecrow (soundman for NRPS, a number of you guys probably know him) showed me Nelson's Boogie IIc. He uses two EL34 power tubes for the 60watt mode (with two 6l6gc in the middle for 100watt) - interesting, I had no idea you could do that with this amp. Got a great shot of Buddy Cage's 2x12 cabinet from the wall of sound - I'll try to post a pic soon. Surreal experience.