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 #98690  by hard truckers co
 Sat May 28, 2011 10:05 am

The 1st Annual Grateful Dead Musical Gear Exposition August 20th and 21st, 2011 Mexicali Blues, Teaneck, NJ
Presenting the 1st annual gathering of vendors, sound specialists, musicians and gearheads searching for that sound.

For one exciting weekend this summer deadheads, come descend on Teaneck, NJ’s deadhead hotspot and music venue, Mexicali Blues, to take part in a communal experience the “Dead Gear Expo”. This one of a kind exposition will feature like-minded manufacturers displaying their Grateful Dead created and inspired musical gear. Guitars, Amplifiers, Speaker Cabinets, Tie-dyes and Accessories will all be on display together for the first time. Manufacturers to include the Hard Truckers, Louis Electric Amplifiers, Moriarty Guitars, Sarno Music Solutions, Telefunken, and more still to be announced. Finally you have an opportunity to demo and play with some of the best gear you have only been able to hear/read about; and talk with some of the brightest minds (including your own electronics extraordinaire Mike Wald) about the gear we all know and love. Make new friends with fellow musicians and Grateful Dead gear enthusiasts.

Throughout the two-day event; guest speakers, special guests, and high profile musicians, among others are expected to attend adding to this unique special event. Both evenings will be capped off with separate concerts featuring Grateful Dead inspired music also to be held at Mexicali Blues. The bands as well as additional manufacturers and guests will be named in the coming days, so stay tuned as news develops.

Grab your tickets today and meet up with friends you have known for years online in person. Gearheads unite and rejoice as together in the same room a bunch of Gearheads just like you. Come join the party.

Space is extremely limited. Only a limited number of early bird advance two- day packages with entry to both days expositions and both evenings concerts are available for only $30.00

To reserve your place today email us at for a ticket request form. Single day tickets are available as well.

Be sure to follow us on twitter @deadgearexpo and friend request us on Facebook /deadgearexpo. More exciting information is still yet to come so, stay in touch.
 #98693  by tapestry
 Sat May 28, 2011 10:34 am
Im bumbed...3 or 4 fest that weekend and im doing family camping anyway.....

Since it isnt a camping expo...maybe move it to sometime in oct or nov? Please?

Could you make the facebook page a group, fan page or something else than a personal profile? thanks.
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 #98725  by hard truckers co
 Sun May 29, 2011 7:52 pm

The 1st Annual Grateful Dead Musical Gear Exposition August 20th and 21st, 2011 Mexicali Blues, Teaneck, NJ

Ticket Request Form

Tickets can be purchased with credit cards by using PayPal, through the Hard Truckers or in person at the venue at a later date. To purchase tickets please read this form completely and return the required information to us at PayPal requests will come from the Hard Truckers.

The Exposition portion of the Event will run from 12:00 noon on both days until 6pm. The Concerts will run from 8pm until 1am both nights.

Early Bird Advance Two-Day Ticket Package includes admission to all events (both days exposition and both evenings concerts) $ 30.00 each

Early Bird Advance Single Day Exposition Only Tickets includes admission to the expo only on the specified date. Please specify Day One August 20th or Day 2 August 21st. $ 15.00
(Day of show expo passes - $ 20.00)

Early Bird Advance Single Day Concert Only Tickets includes admission to only the evening concert on the specified date. Please specify Day One August 20th or Day 2 August 21st. $ 5.00
(Day of show concert tickets - $ 10.00)

Space is extremely limited (cap. 200). If there are any tickets remaining day of show they will be available at the door.

Completed orders will be returned to you via UPS. $ 12.00 Order can be held and available for pick-up at the Expo Will Call at the
Venue on the day of show for No Charge. Proper ID is required for pickup.

Children Under 12 are Free for the Exposition. 21 and Over Only for Concerts

Directions for ordering tickets:

Please email us the following information –
Billing/Shipping Address (note: UPS will not deliver to PO Boxes)
Phone Number
Number of tickets for each event Example: I want 4 two-day ticket packages I want 2 tickets to Day One Expo
State your delivery method. UPS or Will Call at the event.

Please indicate the PayPal address you would like the payment request sent to.

If you choose not to use PayPal please include a Mastercard or Visa number and expiration date or call Glenn at the Hard Truckers at 678-457-7574 to purchase by phone.

Credit Card Charges and PayPal requests will come from the Hard Truckers.
Questions? Please don’t hesitate to ask... Thanks for your support. You are really going to dig this.
 #98752  by JonnyBoy
 Tue May 31, 2011 12:19 pm
Sounds like fun! I wish it was in a more central place to me, but a good idea to attract more heads to have it in the NE. Glad everyone is smiling on their brothers and getting together to share and learn. Only good things to come from that for everyone.
 #98757  by RiverRat
 Tue May 31, 2011 2:22 pm
I moved the thread to the appropriate section.

This sounds like a really cool idea. I'll have to coerce the wife into letting me escape for a couple days.
 #98779  by tigerstrat
 Wed Jun 01, 2011 7:37 am
Who's playin'?
 #98794  by hard truckers co
 Wed Jun 01, 2011 7:17 pm
Breaking news.... Big Announcement!! Now confirmed. Appearing live Saturday night 08/20 at the Dead Gear Expo.... RUKind's own Vic DeRobertis (tigerrose) and his incredible band PLAYINGDEAD. These guys simply bring it. For a taste of how great these guys are be sure to check out their killer reading of Estimated Prophet on their website at Everyone associated with the DGE is absolutely thrilled to have Playingdead at the event.

Come join Vic and Playingdead as well as the Hard Truckers, Louis Electric, Moriarty Guitars, Sarno Music Solutions, and Telefunken at the DGE august 20th and 21st at Mexicali Blues in Teaneck, NJ.

Stay tuned for Sunday's headliner as well as additional vendors to be announced soon.

Thanks for all the positive vibes and kind words. This is going to be big. Two day tickets are now available for only $30.00
 #98795  by petcat
 Wed Jun 01, 2011 7:33 pm
Does sound awesome, but the Philly Folk Fest wins out - been going since '87. Stop by the Fish Camp and ask for Peter - plenty of live Dead, Zep, guitars, and Guinness there...we'll set you up.
 #98796  by playingdead
 Wed Jun 01, 2011 7:58 pm
We are really looking forward to this gig ... hope to meet lots of fellow gearheads and hear some different guitars through some different rigs. And the chance to lay hands (even as a lefty) on a Matt Moriarty guitar is something I've wanted to do for a long time.

Glenn's talking about some material that's up on Youtube, not our site ...

... but we will definitely be having a high time. Hope to see you there.
 #98799  by JonnyBoy
 Wed Jun 01, 2011 9:54 pm
What will be funny the rush of guitar players trying to cop Vics Jerry tone asking, "Is this what he is using to get that tone??" Hehehe I hope there will be a fractal booth there too... LOVE Playin Dead, They are truly living the dream baby and I love them for that (and all the others doing the like)! MAN, I really wish I could come now, I may have to figure this out if PD is there, been sayin' I have to catch one of their shows..... Super cool set up, it sounds like a lot of Rukinders will surface...
 #98833  by strumminsix
 Thu Jun 02, 2011 12:05 pm
Put an amp on stage with you. That's what I did at a recent gig. Ran direct (as I do when I run sound) and put a little Pro Jr right behind me. :cool: