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 #98425  by tapestry
 Fri May 20, 2011 8:09 pm
Welcome Home Tour 2011

The Garcia Project is pleased to announce
that we will be performing Friday night, July 29
at the Jerry Jam in beautiful, scenic New Hampshire.

The Birth of Jerry Jam -
Positive, Higher Level Consciousness

Jerry Jam began on the first anniversary of Jerry's passing in August of 1996. A small group of friends gathered together to celebrate the life of Jerry Garcia, along with the music and vibe associated with the Grateful Dead.

Since that first gathering of about thirty friends, Jerry Jam has grown to an annual attendance of over 400 kind souls and several bands playing throughout the weekend.

Jerry Jam has survived all these years because of a small group of committed, compassionate friends. After holding The Jam for five consecutive years at The Barn - a small venue with limited parking and close neighbors - it was decided that maybe The Jam had run it's course.

Then the magic of community rose up.

Generous friends with larger and more secluded properties offered their space to keep the 'vibe' alive. Thanks to this community, Jerry Jam is now entering it's thirteenth year, and with even more bands, it looks to be the best Jam yet!

Many people have said their experience at Jerry Jam has been:

'...the best time of my life"

"Truly magical"

"Un#$%*ing believable!"

We believe this is due to the beautiful setting and the relatively small size of the gathering.

Jerry Jam is a not-for-profit event. Over the last three years The Jam has raised money to benefit local causes, including the Ryan Ross Fund. Kindness is at the heart of our event, and we apply that belief not only to one another, but to Mother Earth and her environment as well.

The mission of Jerry Jam is to promote an experience of a truly pure, positive, higher level of consciousness... a consciousness where the music is the drug and the like-minded people are the driving force of energy to create the experience.

We look forward to seeing you there! ... 654?v=wall
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 #101582  by jahozer
 Thu Jul 28, 2011 6:28 am
Overheard people at the Vibes giving you guys mad props! I thought, I "know" those guys! :lol:
 #101583  by tapestry
 Thu Jul 28, 2011 6:44 am
jahozer wrote:Hey,
Overheard people at the Vibes giving you guys mad props! I thought, I "know" those guys! :lol:
Cool! I kept getting introduced to people as "the guy from The Garcia Project" lol! Vibes was a blast and we can't wait for Jerry Jam tomorrow! :smile: