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 #97541  by inthedark
 Wed Apr 27, 2011 4:04 pm
Tom Constanten and Friends

Phil Lesh was standing in line at Cal Berkeley's music department in 1961 when he overheard a young man, Tom Constanten by name, remark that Music stopped being created in 1750 and began again in 1950. They shook hands, and became friends for life. Shortly after, T.C. persuaded Phil to apply for a special class in electronic composition at Mills College with Luciano Berio, which would become one of the...... touchstones of Lesh's life. As the Grateful Dead emerged and began to create, Phil returned the favor to T.C., who became the Dead's advisor/keyboard creative spirit, altering normal piano sounds by inserting combs, Dutch dimes, and a gyroscope into the body of the keyboard, as they recorded the masterpiece avantgarde albums Anthem of the Sun and Aoxomoxoa. He joined the touring band in November 1968, and amicably departed in January 1970, feeling that he was underamplified ... and in so doing avoided the curse of the Dead keyboard seat.

Tom is a member of the Rock n Roll hall of fame.

May 13th and 14th

American Legion
10 Monson Road Stafford Springs, CT

T.C. - Keys, Vocals
Scott Guberman - Organ, Vocals
Mike Pandiscio - Guitar and Vocals
Tim Morse - Bass
Lloyd Monroe III - Drums
Joesph Grey - Hand Percussion
Walt B- Guitar and Vocals

The Liquid will open up the show on Friday
Rhythmic Circus will open the show on Saturday
Psilly Willy will perform between bands :-)

David Chambers will be bringing the Gongs, David has been a great supporter of the band and has spent years doing what he does best which is bringing the healing of the Gongs wherever he goes.

Erika Raymond will be doing Reiki

"Feeling out of balance or stressed out? Enjoy a Reiki session!.
Certifies with Reiki 2 i can help put a little light back into your life. Stop by our booth to chat and enjoy the benefits of what Reiki has to offer."

-Erika Raymond


These shows take place under a covered pavilion outdoors. Rain wont stop the party, nor will it get you wet. Come party and enjoy some live music outdoors w/ Bar, fresh food, Gongs and Reiki. and much more!
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