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 #87737  by tcsned
 Thu Oct 07, 2010 5:55 pm
Cmnaround wrote:I'll vouch for the Mesa set up, both the V-twin rack pre amp and the 20/20 power amp. Built like a tank,
lol - my V-Twin rack preamp caught fire in a gig. It actually was still working while it was burning. i smelled something burning and started looking around then noticed smoke pouring out the front and the fucking thing was still working! Built like a tank . . . on fire :-) I just got it fixed after many years of being down. I loved the ability to blend the clean and distorted channels. I've got a bunch of Boogie stuff, a Mark III head, Mark IV combo, V-Twin rack, and a V-Twin pedal. Our rhythm guitarist uses some sort of 80s Boogie.