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 #79192  by playingdead
 Mon May 03, 2010 3:18 pm
Some remnants from my old rig (and a few others) still lingering around the studio:

MXR Phase 100 (has weird switch with 8 positions instead of 4 ... custom LOL ... works perfect) $70
Boss CS2 compressor (from the 80s, somewhat rare, nice condition) $80
Boss EQ $50
Boss DD6 digital delay $100
Boss DD7 digital delay $115 like brand new
Keeley 4-knob compressor $210 like brand new

Custom-made Redco pedal cables, 16 of them (eight pairs) with Mogami 2528 stereo cable, Neutrik slim right angle on on side (for pedals), Neutrik straight angle on the other side. 40" long. This is basically the 16 cables you would need to wire a pedal tray to an 8-space looper in your rack. I used the stereo cable because it's thinner and makes a more manageable pigtail off the drawer. $225.

Mess of Planet Waves make-your-own pedal board cables, varing lengths, 38 right-angle ends, you get 10 ends in the little kits for $60, this is like four kits, you can buy just the raw cable from Guitar Center etc., two cable tools, $120

Crown XLS-402 2-space power amp new $275 ... $350 with 2-space rack case, lots of power.

"Vintage" Roland GP100 COSM modeling guitar preamp --- vintage digital, that is $200, has irritating tendency to bring up tuner screen changing presets, but doesn't interrupt audio

Tascam DP-01FX 8-track digital 40gb recorder, with effects, great little portable digital recording studio, with effects and guitar/bass amp simulations $150

Apogee Duet firewire interface, 2 channel, like new, $400

All prices not including shipping; Paypal is okay if you will pick up their 3 percent fee.