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 #115788  by Jon S.
 Sun Jul 08, 2012 4:12 pm
Godfrey, I'm glad I decided to take a peak at this section now. It's been a while but you should know that I continue years later to absolutely dig my two HubBubs and matching cables. I use them all the time and have dragged them around indoors and out with nary any issue ever. Wondering if you ever added any other products to your line? Based on the HubBub's quality I must admit I always hoped you might. :smile:
 #151961  by GodfreyD
 Thu Apr 28, 2016 12:15 pm
Introducing The HubBub StagePro
Designed for Barry Sless (Moonalice, David Nelson Band, Phil and Friends).

Legendary Grateful Dead roadie Kidd Candelario called me and asked me to modify the HubBub for Barry.
Barry plays Obel equipped guitars and pedal steel through the same rig, switching constantly between them in performance. He wanted a HubBub that would accommodate both at the same time, with a foot switch and indicator lights to control the action. So I got to work....

The result is The HubBub StagePro.

Built in a larger box, The StagePro has inputs for an Obel equipped guitar (labeled OBEL and GUITAR) and for a traditionally wired Auxiliary instrument (labeled AUX) as well as the jacks for effects SEND and RETURN and AMP. Instead of a toggle switch, The StagePro has a foot swtich with LED indicator lights to switch between the 2 modes.

The StagePro utilizes a unique True Bypass switching configuration that totally disengages the instrument not in use from the signal chain.

You can now switch between your OBEL equipped guitar AND a traditional input auxiliary instrument (pedal steel, mandolin, violin, keyboard, guitar etc) with just the stomp of a switch.

The HubBub StagePro accommodates both Obel guitar and Auxiliary instrument AT THE SAME TIME.

Please note:
Like the original HubBub, the StagePro functionality is totally passive and will work perfectly without any power..
The StagePro requires a 9 volt lead from you power brick only to power the indicator lights.

Available at: