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 #75583  by Mountainshaker
 Thu Mar 11, 2010 8:19 am
Hi All,

I'm gauging interest for such cabs. I am working with a carpenter friend of mine who made this one. A first run of four (4) cabs is planned to be available by end of April. PM me if interested.

Below are pictures of the protoype.

Cabs would be unloaded, and would include:
  • 13-Ply Baltic birch
    Protective front cover;
    Handles (most likely smaller ones than pictured)
    Wired for 4ohms @ 1/4" phone plug and
    Jack plate (placement closer to the middle, as opposed to where it is on the prototype and flush to wood)
This one is mine! :)
I had it stained, but that was just my personal preference.

Image ... directlink