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 #64576  by deadbearbobby
 Sun Aug 16, 2009 7:07 pm
hi all, this is the guitar that i bought recently. it is a really great guitar but i am having alot of issues with my rig and the overall pleasentness of my sound. it is not that i have any issue with the guitar but im looking to have my dream guitar built by AO guitars. i should have listened to some of the input on the board when i asked if i should but hios one or the polar white guitar MC 150. the guitar does have a few issues due to it's age and i was going to get one of them fixed, i still may if someonw wants it that way.
here are the flaws:
big scratch by the pickup selector
frets 3,4,5 on the high E string sound flat, i think that is because they need work i was gonna get this looked at by a repair guy. issue is only on this string on these frets.
there are some minor to medium dings all around the guitar as is common with this type. the pictures show it better than i can describe

Right now, my memory card wont work, so that leaves me with the inability to post photos right now but i will have some soon for sure.
please pm me with Q's or to make an offer all fair offers will be looked into.