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 #60917  by jonarobb
 Sun May 17, 2009 10:12 pm
I have an absolutely stunning pair of SRO's I'm letting go of. Pulled from a sealed 67 Bandmaster cab. 8 ohms each. These are in as close to mint condition as you'll get. Original cones, the whole nine.

FWIW, I loaded them into a Twin Reverb yesterday and used em' last night at a gig with Halfstep. Besides holding up beautifully for 4+ hour show, the tone of these things are really just amazing. Played an SG through a stock 70 Twin with these SRO's and it was instant Carousel Ballroom tone.

I'll ask $400/pair

I will field some trade ideas. Tubes, transformers, etc...

Everyone here knows I'm a speaker junkie. I wish I had some use for these but I don't.