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 #59619  by GodfreyD
 Fri Apr 17, 2009 12:46 am
Introducing "Gentle Jack" - Ghostfinger #002 $3200.00 + Shipping
Includes Premium Suede and Leather Private Stock Hard Shell Case
Also Includes Hub Bub and 12' TRS stereo Cable ($99.00 value).

I am very happy to debut Ghostfinger #002. A new variation on a classic theme, with lots of extras.


Swamp Ash Body
5pc Maple/Purpleheart Laminate Neck
Ebony Fretboard & Headstock
Flame Koa Fretboard Binding
25.5" Scale
Extreme Comfort Carves
Beefy C Neck Carve .850" - 9.50"
3x Fralin P92 Split Coil P/U's
TonePros Wraparound Bridge
Schaller Tuning Machines
"Ghostfinger Option Package"
On Board Effects Loop (OBEL) w/TRS jack
Jangletone Unity Gain Buffer
Quick Change Battery Box
Mini switch OBEL bypass
1x Volume Control
1x Tone Control (Middle p/u)
1x Push/Pull Tone (Bridge/Neck)
(Push/Pull adds Bridge p/u)
Orange Drop caps
Custom "Cocktail Frank" 5 way Switchplate
"Bourbon Burst" Body and Matching TRC
Dunlop Dual Straploks
MOP Side Dots & Fret Markers
Light Weight 7.0 lbs!

This guitar sounds even better than it looks. The Fralin P92's produce Gentle clear, articulate clean tones and when over driven, roars like a Jack Hammer. Star grounding, Double Shielded control and p/u cavities along with the P92's deliver all these tones without 60 cycle hum.
"This guitar won't hum even if it knows the tune"

Onboard Effects Loop and Jangletone Unity Gain Buffer provides greater control over effects without tone degradation from long cable runs.

This guitar is so special I have included a custom fitted All suede and leather premium case.

Also included is a 12' TRS stereo cable for the OBEL and a HubBub cable hub for connecting OBEL equipped guitars to pedal board.

3 Day Satisfaction Purchase Warranty.
Build quality guaranteed for lifetime.
Sound clips coming soon.

Contact for more pix, info and Custom Orders
Godfrey Daniels Guitar Works
Encino, CA
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 #59648  by jonarobb
 Fri Apr 17, 2009 2:46 pm
77 lbs? Heavy fucker. Nice looking. But playability is going to be hampered with that awful string alignment. You should have set the tone pros bridge straight. Plenty of travel on the saddles to intonate correctly without compensating with that angle. Little pricey already given the materials but the bridge issue needs to be dealt with....

Otherwise, very pretty!
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 #59650  by GodfreyD
 Fri Apr 17, 2009 3:16 pm
Crazy 9.5 Fingers wrote:sound clips?

otherwise it is just teasing and I can get that at home.
I know I know!
Tried it at a Cubensis show Tues. It smoked! The show was recorded so I am waiting for the showman to get me some clips.

In the meantime you can dig Cubensis play 2 of my other guitars. Note the great Jerrytone and Bobbytone: ... 666FCD850C

Clips of the new one will be soon