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 #132001  by pablomago
 Wed Sep 04, 2013 12:50 pm
For Sale:
Real Tube Reverb
Stereo tube reverb. Very good condition. The Mid control on Channel A is frozen in the 7 position, otherwise fuctioning perfectly. Pictures upon request.
Price: Best Offer (These have been going from $5-600 and up on eBay)

Carvin Quad-X Preamp
Four Channel all tube (9 12AX7's) analog pre with two clean, one crunch and one overdrive channel. (Crunch is especially good for slide guitar!)
Five Band GEQ
Stereo and mono outs
Mono effects loop on each channel, two stereo master loops
Internal spring reverb
Includes Footswitch and Manual

This was the heart of my rack rig for a long time. Great cleans, very Fender-ish. Well maintained, very dependable.

Price: $450 or best offer