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Sell and buy at your own risk...
 #124562  by midnightrainband
 Thu Feb 14, 2013 8:47 pm
Hey Folks,
I'm having my own little garage sale. It's stuff I hate to part with but I'm trying to save for a SMS and power amp (thinking a velocity 300) so it's got to go. I thought I'd offer it here although it's not quite GD material. I can ship anything but the speakers and everything is stuff we might be able to hook up with in northern NJ. I am in the Clifton/Wayne/Totowa area and work in the Roseland area if anyone is interested. Shipping would be the actual shipping cost to the buyer. I will pack it well. The PA might be of interest to anyone for gigs, a rehearsal space, or a small club. Well, here's what I've got.

Tom Scholz vintage bass rockman (w/ power supply, cable, headphones, case) 85.00

DOD preamp/overdrive vintage pedal (rare gray model) 350.00

Boss DRP-II DR. Pad (in box) 60.00

Samson servo 500 power amp (500 watts)- 150.00

Crest V900 power amp (900 watts) 150.00

Samson MPL-2242 mixer (22 channel/4 bus/stereo) i Grundorf case - 150.00

(2) CGM speaker columns (2X12/horn) - 150.00/pair

Aphex Auralo exciter w/ big bottom - 75.00

Lexicon Alex digital rackmount effects - 75.00

DOD 430 Series II rackmount stereo graphic EQ rackmount - 50.00

ART DXR rackmount reverb/effects - 50.00

Ibanez HD1000 rackmount delay unit - 75.00

SONIC 2X12 guitar cabinet w/ celestion vintage 30's - 140.00

PA PACKAGE DEAL - mixer+case, 2-CGM speaker columns, crest power amp, DOD graphic EQ, aural exciter, DXR effects = $500.00 (pickup or meet somewhere only)

PM me for pictures or more details or to discuss.
It's all in good shape and working condition. I will test everything again before selling. It's mostly all been in storage for the last 9 years.