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 #122938  by zambiland
 Wed Jan 09, 2013 1:55 am
Hello all. Due to the birth of an extremely cute and engaging young man, along medical bills associated and otherwise, I'm going to be parting with some of my collection. This is a pretty cool guitar. I managed to get it for a decent price and then proceeded to trash its value to a collector. However, to a Bobby fan, I think they are some good upgrades.

So, they are first and foremost, my adaptation of Craig Anderton's clarifier circuit, which gives a master volume, active treble and bass. It's a pretty clean boost, but it does add a lot of gain, so a lot of people who play it find it easy to hit the limit of the input of their amp. Second, I added a Bartolini snugged up against the bridge pickup. It sounds nice and blends well with the original Flying Fingers pickups, but at the moment it's susceptible to buzz. That is probably do the fact that the guitar was designed for humbuckers in the day and age of much less electrical hash flying around the air. I'm confident it could be worked out.
The switching is a bit baroque, but it's easily learned and exploited.

Structurally, it's totally sound. If I were to make a main gigging guitar, I'd probably change the tuning pegs and clean up some of the wiring. It can be played as is with a lot of enjoyment (my Bobby has taken it few month or so at a time and loved it, except for the lack of the ever seductive whammy bar). Or it can be seen as the launching point for some more serious refinements. I don't know what these are going for on the open market these days, I thought about $1300 shipped might do it.

Also includes original hard shell case and Bob's signature on the headstock. He was charmed to see it. I'll put up pix in the next few days.
 #153107  by mkaufman
 Mon Jul 25, 2016 4:36 pm
I no longer own a 2680/2681, however, I do own a modded 2622. One mod was an added 3rd pickup in the middle position, I must for a Weir player!

The original EQ/Pre-amp was replaced, so maybe you can restore it or use your own favorite. It even has the original aluminum flight case.

The guitar itself is in very nice shape. Plus, it has the really cool and rare CW (cherry wine) finish.

I'm near NYC.

If interested, send me a PM.