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 #119756  by bluemule
 Sat Oct 13, 2012 4:14 pm
Hello all. Here is some gear I have for sale:

McIntosh MC250. I bought this mac from jmfranc here on the forum. Recently serviced by Terry Dewitt. Works 100% and sounds outstanding. Comes with speaker cord, speaker terminals, and original electrolytic cans. SOLD

JBL K120 with JBL parts recone in '91 8 ohm. Came out of a silverface twin. Works and sounds great. SOLD
JBL K120 with recent aftermarket recone 8 ohm. Excellent condition. $150 plus $25 shipping.
JBL D120F with recent aftermarket recone 8 ohm. Great condition. $150 plus $25 shipping.
Weber 12" Silverbell Alnico 75 watt 8 ohm with Hemp cone, no dope on surround. Excellent condition. Very musical speaker that has a sweet, smooth distortion. $140 plus $15 shipping.

Pics: ... Silverbell

I should mention that I briefly tried the aftermarket recone K120 with a high gain dumble clone and there was some cone cry but no problems with this speaker under high volume with a twin. Please email if interested. Thanks!
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