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 #118572  by spacefunkologist
 Wed Sep 12, 2012 9:58 am
Hey Guys,

Im in kind of a bind for some cash and need to liquidate a ton of gear. Ive got a bunch of stuff up on the bay and a Post guitar here in the garage sale already. If anybody in the NY area is interested Ive got a 2x12 that I bought from Hogan a few months back loaded with Eminence Commonweatlhs both 8 ohm. The whole setup is like brand new and it kills me to have to part with it already. The cab hasnt left my house and the speakers are basically mint. Id hate to have to ship this thing and risk damaging it because of the weight so a local pickup would be preferred. Id like $700 for it. Will post some pics tonight. Thanks, Brian

Here it is without the speakers...Hogan sent it to me with a tie dye grill and a plywood cover as well....