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Sell and buy at your own risk...
 #118418  by HeadSpace
 Sat Sep 08, 2012 10:37 am
Howdy all:

I am looking to sell my customized Squier Classic Vibe 60s Strat. These are great quality for the money even stock, and this one has a few choice upgrades that give it some early- Jerry flavor. It would make a viable first Jerry-type axe, or perhaps a worthy, affordable backup for the Jerry-style player. It's also just a darn decent Strat for whatever purpose.


I swapped the original pickups for a set of Fender Custom Shop '69s. Also somewhat better pots, switch etc.
I upgraded the original trem block to a solid brass block-- mucho extra zing.
I installed a gen-u-wine Alembic Stratoblaster.
(I also swapped out the original, gaudy gold pick guard for a three-layer w-b-w one. This has no effect on tone, obviously, but gives the guitar the classic Olympic White/maple board look, which I happen to like).

This is a snappy and powerful Strat in excellent shape. No dings, dents or other disfigurements.

Looking for $375 paypal'd and shipped in the lower 48. I have loads of eBay feedback under kmh3000, but thought I'd offer it here first, given its special features.