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Sell and buy at your own risk...
 #115688  by cmj87
 Thu Jul 05, 2012 1:51 pm
Hey everyone, I've been a lurker here for years now, soaking up all the great info this forum has had to offer. (and for that, I would like to thank all of you!!) In my search for the sound, I bought and tried out lots of gear, finally coming to the conclusion that the best rig for me is a simple Strat into a Twin, with a few pedals. So anyways, the time has come to where I can't keep all the stuff I'm not using, and I would like to offer all of it up to you guys first, people I know will respect the gear and use it for playing the Dead!! :cool:

1) SMS Classic Tube Preamp with Jerry mods - SOLD!

2) Mcintosh MC250 - SOLD!

3) Fender Princeton - $650 - Non reverb model, silverface. Not mint condition by any means, but it is not in bad condition either. No tears or rips in the tolex or grille cloth. Everything works as it should, tremolo doesn't have footswitch but works (I just turn the intensity all the way down when I don't need it). Has what I assume is the original Fender speaker. And it sounds great, stays clean the whole way throughout the volume taper and is a great pedal platform. I wouldn't have a reason to sell it if I didn't recently build a 5e3 that took over all small wattage amp duties.

4) JBL E110 - $80 - According to the sticker on the back, it was reconed in 94. Works fine, gave the Princeton even more of a Jerry vibe!!

I also have an 82 Ibanez MC150 in the red finish I'm on the fence about selling, figure Ill at least mention that, and see if there's any interest. If you want to know more, ask away!

I don't have pics of the gear on my computer, but if anyone is interested I can get pics ASAP, just let me know! EDIT: I stated earlier I won't ship, and I would still prefer to deal locally, but I will ship out the items if you don't mind paying a bit extra to cover it :-) I live in central IL, and would have no problem driving out to meet you, within reason of course. Feel free to message me on here or email if you have any more questions!

Thanks for looking!
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 #115700  by Smolder
 Thu Jul 05, 2012 7:51 pm
some really good deals here. I just picked up a mc-50 and a princeton NR... getting low on cash... that sms is still tempting though.
 #115702  by cmj87
 Thu Jul 05, 2012 8:16 pm
Smolder wrote:some really good deals here. I just picked up a mc-50 and a princeton NR... getting low on cash... that sms is still tempting though.
Thanks man, I'd really like to see this gear go to some fellow Deadheads who will put it to good use, even if it means taking a little loss from what I paid :smile:

And as of now the SMS has been sold, but everything else is up for grabs!