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 #115549  by guitarcats
 Sun Jul 01, 2012 10:28 pm
Hello and thanks for looking. If you are in need of a travel guitar or have small hands or want a cool guitar for your child then look no further. This is a Fender Strat Junior that was only out for a couple of years and is not to be confused with the current Squier version. This guitar is rare and hard to find and is on level with any MIM Fender strats.

I am asking $450 and that will include shipping and PayPal fees. It has a chip in the finish where your arm rests and has scratches but is in good shape. Does not come with any case but will be well packed and Roadrunner makes a great mini gig bag that fits perfect.

I have upgraded the following items. Fender Schaller locking tuners, Hipshot bridge, Dimarzio area T single coil neck pickup, Seymour Duncan custom mini humbucker bridge pickup, custom pickguard and a N-Tune onboard tuner. All original parts will be included. Email me for pictures at