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Sell and buy at your own risk...
 #114513  by playingdead
 Thu May 31, 2012 9:07 am
I have a custom-made Hard Truckers 2X10 cabinet in excellent condition, baltic birch with speaker clips and wood cover with magnets to protect the speakers. $700 plus shipping (have original shipping carton from HT).

Will also sell it loaded with a pair of JBL K-110 speakers, these speakers were part of the PA used by the Dead at the US Festival in 1982, so Jerry played through them. So did Bobby, Phil, Brent, Billy and Mickey, actually. And Van Halen, I suppose.

The cones move in and out easily, the surrounds are in fine shape, slight oxidation on the aluminum dustcaps but no dents. I would say that the cones are original, and the dustcap on one looks to have been replaced as the glue line is sloppy, probably got dented at some point. The paper on the cones is a bit wavy near the coil wires -- humidity would be my guess, as they were used outdoors at some point -- but the speakers sound fine. I would not push them hard, they are rated at 40 watts, but for 30-year-old speakers they are in good shape. "K-110" is written on one of the dustcaps with a Sharpie but it does not show in the photo for some reason.

The K-110 is a very sweet sounding speaker, it's not as harsh sounding as an E-120, it's very musical.

Cabinet: $700 unloaded, $1050 loaded. Shipping will be exact total FedEx Ground insured.