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 #112321  by jmfranc
 Mon Apr 09, 2012 11:39 am
I have a new 8ohm Weber Cali 12" with alum. dome that I thought I was going to use when a JBL E120 fell into my lap. So, thought I would offer it up here. Any offers? Shipping is $15. I also have a McIntosh MC250 serviced by Terry Dewick that's in excellent condition and will last another 20 years.


Favorite for Twin Reverb, or any amp required an extremely clean tone.
In general, overdrive (from a pedal or from the amp) will sound somewhat nasally or harsh especially with the aluminum dome. Some players report good results using the California with paper dome and some distortion or overdrive. You will likely hear more higher-frequency distortion noise (especially with the aluminum dome) since this particular speaker does not aid in smoothing out the breakup, like most speakers do. In short, it gives you exactly what you give it.

For Twins JBL D120F tone with ceramic punch.
12", 60oz ceramic magnet, 80 watt, 2" voice coil, curved cone.
Loud, smooth, uncolored, available with paper, aluminum, or the large H screen dome for more warmth.

Aluminum: Very bright, almost piercing highs akin to vintage JBLs. Good for crystal cleans, but avoid for even slight distortion.