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Sell and buy at your own risk...
 #106648  by Counterstriker
 Fri Dec 16, 2011 12:15 pm
I'm selling my 73 twin, with reconed speakers, the speakers are rare, they were stock fender reconed with cones from 1968-69. They have the aluminum dustcap.

I'm only doing local pickup on this. I live outside Philly.

The speakers are in a cab right now, if you just want the amp without the speakers I can do that too.
 #106651  by Counterstriker
 Fri Dec 16, 2011 12:26 pm
Nice! I really love the twin, but lugging it around is a pain in the ass! plus it's too clean sounding and instead of black facing it I decided I'm just gonna go with a Groove Tube Trio and just get that modded a bit. I like the idea of a rack setup too! Thanks anyway! :smile: