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Sell and buy at your own risk...
 #105073  by claytushaywood
 Tue Nov 08, 2011 8:51 pm
Selling off one of my identical tele's piece by piece. I was really into tele tone for a couple years (chasing the twang... maybe :-) ) and after finding my love for pine bodies with maple necks I ended up with two of em to use to compare tones and effects of different hardware... man those days when i had money were cool. so now i'm chasing the tone and am getting rid of one cuz i had two that finally ended up identical! i eventually got a rosewood board to compare when i figured out my pickups and whatnot... haha. ebay made a fortune off me and id like to stop helping them out so thought id offer you guys this stuff

Pickups= Lollar '52 series set- neck and bridge- i still have a pair of these, my favorite tele pickups mostly because of the amazing in between sounds (i like all sorts of bridge twang- i just cant help but love a tele bridge pickup) i think its cuz the neck and bridge have the same output resistance. these things are really perfect. alnico 2- prevents string pull on these higher powered tele pups and really gives some amazing clarity. these really are pretty good for early jerry tones- not a super 2 but they have that clarity

all the metal pieces i have are aged to have a matte looking sheen instead of your typical shiny chrome. very cool look imo, id really never go back to shiny chrome after having that done. not relic'd to rust or truly beat up just matte with a little bit of coloration differences
this includes...
neckplate with steel screws
joe barden bridge plate- vintage style with a single cut (one of the "walls" is trimmed down) the walls on this plate are lower than most vintage pieces for more comfortable palm muting and hand resting
callaham brass saddles- the 3 piece vintage style- but they are compensated- not the angled kind of compensated though
control plate and knobs- again aged for that matte look like the above pieces- the knobs are actually realllllllyyyy cool. they are true vintage dome top tele knobs- i spent a mint on these babies- got the deep running grooves that actually allow blood to be drawn for extra mojo :-)
CTS pots- 250k- orange drop cap- fender 4 way switch is installed currently- also have a CRL 3 way switch
electro socket jack- aged- nice one that never gets loose- even in pine- switchcraft jack

and finally a slightly aged looking black bakelite pickguard- not too much scratching (i'm not a scratcher)

This is all top notch stuff- i believe the steel parts came from callaham (thats what i was told by this wealthy dude i bought the parts from for cheap off of, but i have no way of proving it, that actually goes for the saddles too- but they look exactly the same as the other used callaham saddles i got of CList so i'm guessing theyre the real deal- this bridge and saddle combination sounds GREAT- i compared a lot of different stuff and metals on this and came down to all brass- kinda upset cuz i cant find brass saddles for my strat i'm currently pimping out...oh well

the lollars are expenive and hold their value used- ive actually got em on ebay right now for $175 plus shipping- so for you guys ill do $165 free shipping
I am open to trades of pretty much any sort- but would prefer cash! make some offers! really looking for a jerry buffer