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Musical Theory Abound!!!
 #37706  by spacehead333
 Tue Feb 12, 2008 8:14 pm
I am taking a public speaking class. I have to do a good thorough speech on how to change a guitar string. I was wondering if you guys could maybe help me on explaining it thoroughly, because I cannot really explain it thoroughly.

 #37748  by Mick
 Wed Feb 13, 2008 8:05 am
Step one: Remove old string
Step two: Put new string in
Step three: Stretch new string
Step Four: tune new string and play for a while
Step Five: Trim new string at the tuning machine
Step Six: Let guitar sit for a while
Step Seven: Tune string again and play away!

If it was me, I would write an outline starting from the above. Under each of those steps, I would write some phrases that I could think of to more deeply describe the step. You didn't say how long the speech is supposed to be, but if it is 10 minutes or less, that is probably all you are going to need. If you are expected to talk for a half hour, you will need more. Some additional ideas would be:

1. How to select a replacement string
2. How to check intonation
3. When to check intonation, example: if your replacement string is a different gauge than the string you were previously using
4. Things that are good to check when the string is out, examples: nut condition, tuning machine adjustment
5. What can go wrong when changing a string

Hope this helps.


 #37749  by Tennessee Jedi
 Wed Feb 13, 2008 8:28 am
Yo Space
Public speaking is all about connecting with the audience.Ya gotta make 'em laugh.
I suggest pretending you poke yourself in the eye with the string.Have some ketchup ready.
A+ for sure Dude.

 #37766  by st stephen
 Wed Feb 13, 2008 10:15 am
First explain the breaking of a string how and why it happens and why its important to change your strings. Sound quality, feel all that jazz.

then explain the name of the parts of the guitar,,,the neck the and put emphasis on the names od the parts that actually have to do with the strings.

then the 3rd step is show them and tune the guitar after you put a string on.

Tell them that strings break but its important to restring the whole guitar before they break. And that its important to take a string off and put a new one on one at a time so you can tune he guitar while your putting the new strings on.

Remeber intro>body>conclusion...should be pretty easy.

 #37773  by old man down
 Wed Feb 13, 2008 10:54 am
The Elixir link is good, with the key being the string gets drawn up into your hand with the finger placed at that fifth fret.

But, modify the technique to say that the string gets a 90 degree bend to the direction away from the guitar neck, that the string is removed from the post before bending, then bend at the location, and put the string back into the post up to the bend, and that when making the wraps, the first wrap goes over the string and all other wraps go under the string. This locks the string between the wraps. If you don't do this your high B and e strings will possibly come undone.

Go overboard on things to avoid:

1) Don't use the pin puller right on the soft rosewood bridge or you'll leave a mark, so use a polish cloth to soften the leverage force.

2) Don't drop your wire cutters on the guitar.

3) Don't drop anything on the guitar.

4) Seat the new string properly into the bridge so that the ball end comes up to the underside of the wood there.

5) If you scratch your guitar changing your strings, then you're an idiot.

 #37785  by Pete B.
 Wed Feb 13, 2008 11:41 am
'Did the same thing in Public Speaking 101.

Brought the guitar in and changed a string.
This was for "A speach to describe [a procedure]".
(I did a used car salesman for "A speach to convince...").

Remember to use an analogy... In this case say, "This is just like threading a needle" as you put the string through the hole in the tuning peg.

Funn Stuff!
Pete B.

 #37787  by I'm on the Bozo Bus
 Wed Feb 13, 2008 12:11 pm
Hey Space,
I do a good bit of public speaking and I concure with everything said previously.
One additional tip...
Practice. Find someone that wouldn't know a guitar string from a potted plant (Or someone at the same knowlege level to those with whom you will be speaking) and do the entire speech in front of that person. Then see what they got out of it. Interview them and see how much "stuck". That will give you an idea of where you may need to refine or adjust what you thought you needed to say.
Regardless of the size of the crowd, speak as though you are speaking to one person. It will give the entire crowd the "Feeling" you are speaking directly to them.
One more very important point....
Make sure your fly is up.