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 #69963  by aiq
 Sun Dec 13, 2009 4:11 pm
cool discussion...I like to simplify. The modes are in reality the parent scale. Once you've done your homework and shedding you can just think the scale and let your ear let you play music.

the old learn it and forget it...

my trio recently worked up the Miles Davis tune "Nardis"...the key center is sort of Em, but C major scale works thru out.

The ii V idea is really helpful as others have pointed out. 2 -5's allow yourto stay in the key and yet sound exotic.

Something that helped me: Find a good jazz player in your area and go for an hour long one off lesson. Tell the person you want to study "all the things you are". corny old tune to be sure but it leads you thru several 2 - 5's in different keys...kind of opens up the "big picture".

Which is my long term goal...all notes fit if you lay it right...