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 #31394  by Tennessee Jedi
 Thu Nov 29, 2007 10:50 am
Check out my buddies band.They bust their asses doing their thing.I really hope they can make it somewhere.
Its acoustic/bluegrassy/jammy/original stuff.
Great singers.
 #100540  by pmak
 Fri Jul 08, 2011 3:29 pm
Going to give this a bump. Was blown away by this band a few nights ago after seeing them for the first time. Consider the Source is their name. Seriously have to check them out. If you're around NYC the next few weeks, they're playing every Wed. night at Mehanata on the LES. Call themselves Sci-Fi, Middle Eastern Fusion. Very Primus-ish, but extremely talented and fun. And no I'm not associated with the band in any way, shape or form.

 #100772  by tastyjams
 Tue Jul 12, 2011 1:20 am
whoah, those guys are awesome! As far as current artists go, I'm 17 and it's not ALL about the dead (but most of it is) :lol:

The Black Keys- Delicious blues rock. Their most recent album sounded alot more commercial than the all their others, and they've gotten quite alot more popular after it came out. Their earlier stuff is way better in my opinion, all though the new stuff is still quite good. ... re=related
(this is from the EP Chulahoma, and every song on it is really good)

Comets on Fire- a newer noise/psychedelic band from Santa Cruz. Some pretty tasty stuff going on.

Devendra Banhart- This guy has a really good band that does psychedelic/rootsy rock stuff. They all use vintage gear, and it really makes it makes it easier for me to get into. They continue the Quicksilver tradition of taking off of Take Five in this song.

Fleet Foxes- an indie folk rock band who have some incredible voices. The singer's voice really reminds me of David Crosby on this song. Good stuff. ... re=related

Grizzly Bear- Another good indie rock band with really great harmonizing skills. The bassist drops some serious bombs on the end of this song.

Enjoy :smile:
 #100773  by tastyjams
 Tue Jul 12, 2011 1:21 am
wait, i have two more links to post!

The Growlers- A really awesome surf rock band that are totally awesome live. One of the guitarists plays out of a sweet Bassman

Six Organs of Admittance- Really nice acoustic guitar music.
 #101358  by helio
 Sat Jul 23, 2011 10:39 pm
Five letters: Phish!!

Was amazed that this thread didn't really reference them, then realized that most of the thread was from circa 2007, when Phish was on their hiatus. Well they're back... With a vengeance. This band is very old news to some. But many may be like me. Kinda missed them the first time around... Newly on to them since they started touring again in '09.

Anyway, Trey is one of the best improv guitarists around, for my money. He's only getting better with time. And seeing these guys together on stage these days... Four hugely talented musicians at the top of their game turning out some fantastic live shows.

Every live show they do now is recorded through the sound board and released the next day as a high quality recording. A terrific, continuous flow of great live jams.

If anyone out there is not yet on to them, or like me, didn't tune it to them before, do so now. Amazing stuff.