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 #20184  by AugustWest
 Wed Jul 11, 2007 12:33 pm
85 is a tricky year for me. It has one of my all time favorite shows. The two night run at the richmond collisium. Frost 85 and philly 85 are great as well. Then it also has some duds. 85 is a very important year for me as well. It is the first year that they grasped that late tight group sound that became their staple from 87-90 (which I LOVE!). They didn't hit that mark every night but you could see the transition of the band from 79-82 sound to the proto-post-coma dead of 85. (a lot of hyphens, I hope that made sense) overall I too listen to a lot of 85 shows and enjoy a great deal of them.

my favorite dead in order is 79-82, 71-74, 87summer90, 68-70, 83-85, 91bruce/vinny, 76-78, 65-67, 86(weird down year imo), and last but still listened to 92-95.