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 #8905  by mondo
 Mon Sep 11, 2006 9:37 am
Thought this would be of interest:

Jam in the Dam 2007 Line-Up Announcement & On Sale Info

March 18-19-20, 2007

25 years ago, in October of 1981, the Grateful Dead played at the Melkweg in Amsterdam, home of Jam in the Dam, for the first and only time. It’s an event that venue owner Cor Schlosser remembers with fondness to this day. Cor still owns the venue, and is as much an Amsterdam musical fixture as his legendary venue, which has hosted a who’s who of rock n’ roll aristocracy over the past thirty years or so.

So, to help celebrate the 25th anniversary of that special occasion, we got Dark Star Orchestra to climb aboard our ‘festival express’, along with simpatico brethren Yonder Mountain String Band, Keller Williams, and Galactic. JitD 2007 promises to be a sing-along, dance-along, party-along event that maybe this venue hasn’t seen since those rare days in 1981. Ask anyone who has attended either of the first two installments of this one-of-a-kind festival, and you’ll likely get a crooked smile, a glow of fond remembrance, and hear the words ‘dude’, ‘man’, or ‘sweet’. We think this festival draws some of the nicest, most adventurous music fans there are, from both this country and all over Europe.

If you’re new to the concept, the Melkweg houses two concert halls under one roof. It was just one back in ’81, which is now the Oude Zaal (Old Hall, cap. 750) The Max was added much later, and will finish a renovation by March that will expand it’s capacity to 1500. Since the common areas and Old Hall remain the same size, we don’t plan on selling more than the 1500 TOTAL tickets allotted for the previous shows. The result will be a much more spacious experience in the Max, yet small enough to retain the intimate atmosphere for which this show is famous. The bands each play 2-hour sets, each night, in one of the two venues. The overlapping set times provide non-stop music from 9:00 until 3:00. We will release the exact schedule very soon.

Tickets will go on sale next Tuesday, September 12th, at Noon EST. There will be a link from our website, directly to MusicToday, who has done a bang-up job with ticket sales every year. Early bird tickets will be $185, and every early bird order will receive a free JitD 2005 DVD! (one per order). When those are gone, the price will be $200 until January 1st, and $225 after that. Baseline Ticketing will also have an allotment of early bird tickets, as well as regular priced.

Travel packages will be available through Madison House Travel for those wanting assistance in planning this journey. As everyone is coming from all corners of the country, there can be no ‘one price fits all’ package, but they do offer discounts on airfares and make special deals on rates with several near-by hotels and hostels. Tickets are NOT included in any packages, and must be bought separately. They are completely transferable.

If you really want to get a feel of what it’s like to be one of the fortunate, Jam in the Dam 2005 is available on DVD from many places, including our website, and was actually featured on Comcast On Demand in August. Larry Shapiro and Cinovative did an outstanding job of capturing the entire event and all of the fun and wonderment of both the fans and the bands. He also produced the video capsule, which can be seen from a link on our homepage
Keller Williams’ interview aboard the canal boat affords a unique perspective of this beautiful, historic, and kind city. It’s a place everyone should see at least once. Seeing it while enjoying four of your favorite bands at a party of historic proportions, is almost too good to be true.