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 #53217  by mttourpro
 Mon Dec 01, 2008 2:33 pm
I thought it was preety good overall. I would recommend trying to practice having your rhythm playing be more fluid like your soloing is. A lot of lead players focus so much on solos they forget they need to comp chords sometimes too. Tone was nice as well--overall, given you asked, I'll "rate" you a B+
 #54105  by Pete B.
 Fri Dec 26, 2008 10:42 am
Oh Man, I loved the part at the end when your Gal walks in and offers up the obligitory "yawn".
...some feedback and a rating would be much appreciated.

It doesn't appear to be "instructional", nor a video of a "gig" or "band rehearsal".
It's hard for me to equate jamming along with the Dead at home with a "performance" (unless you're looking in the mirror like i like to do! ha ha :drink: )
What exactly are you asking for feedback/rating on?
In general, I'd be more interested in hearing you play without any music playing in the background, and a clearer shot of your fingers playing the licks, and the reasons why you play it in the positions you choose.
Like, "Here is my take on the Sugar Mags Jerry solo #1 from E72...", etc... But that's just me.
It's all good though man. 'Love to hear guys playing GD music!