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 #53178  by GratefulPat
 Sun Nov 30, 2008 6:24 pm
hello all, i put this in the omsn forum as well, but just posted that video and a sugar magnolia/ sunshine daydream will be up in the next couple hours. it would be much appreciated if you took the time to rate and comment on them, any kind of constructive criticism would be awesome thanks in advance ... re=channel

there is also a loser and a deal video for those who havent seen either of those
 #53273  by Billbbill
 Wed Dec 03, 2008 4:30 am
Vids look good pat-
Tone is real nice and your playin ain't half bad either! As far as constructive criticism goes, I'd say some of your changes could be a little smoother - seems like you're finding yourself paying too much attention to the backing while playing. That may simply be a funtion of the fact that you're playing along with gd. Sometimes that ain't so easy if you start listening to anything other than the beat as often the rest of them are playing 'around' the beat. If you haven't maybe try a metronome. You may find it less distracting and easier to follow. Or just concentrate on the beat and try to block out as much of the rest as possible.

What is that s-1 feature on the strat? My Jimmy Vaughn tex mex model doesn't have it. I wonder if a stratoblaster mod would approach that effect. I've been thinking of doing that anyway.

All around sounds pretty good!
 #53286  by GratefulPat
 Wed Dec 03, 2008 9:10 am
the S1 basically gives you more pickup choices... like say your on positon 5, and then you press the button in, your then playing with a mix of pos 5 and 4, or if your on position 3, its will combine, or split between 2 different positions.. if you look it up online theres a really nice diagram and explanation