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 #95559  by tapestry
 Mon Mar 21, 2011 8:44 am
This is a clip from a fun show we just had at the Dinosaur Bar-B-Que in Troy, NY on 3-19-11. This was our first show with Kat Walkerson on vocals. She sings with Legion of Jerry and Stella Blues as well. We are THRILLED to have her join us.

This gig was one of our most fun yet....Huge crowd, new faces, lots of heads, everyone singing along..etc! Our hammond player, Tom, was a bit under the weather...He keep going all night though!

I realized at this show that I HAVE TO HAVE a mcintosh power amp . A 250 at least. not for volume, but for headroom and power. Even when turned up, the twin is just a little thin sounding these days.

Second That Emotion:
 #95582  by tapestry
 Mon Mar 21, 2011 1:42 pm
Thanks! Here is Tennessee Jed from the same night. Any suggestions on settings/playing style or tone would be much appreciated! I have been looking for a reasonably priced mcintosh for a while now.

67 twin blackface -> HT style cab with two e-120s

Bright off
reverb 4.5
vol 4.5
treble 8
mid 7
low 2

I had a guitar fan from Hungary that said I was a little to trebely this night ;)

I also played this night with the power stages chained together (1/4 patch cable from channel 2 into 1/4 channel 1) and used it to add a little warmth (by using just a bit more low end on channel one and bringing up the vol on 1 to about 4)

 #96634  by verbenco
 Sat Apr 09, 2011 1:32 pm
not sure i ever met an electric guitar player who did not think he need more equipment. i hope you get the amp you are looking for, but of course, then, you may want just one more thing. the other possibility is that i am simply projecting my own desires and i don't even play electric guitar very much.

meanwhile, and more importantly good female vocalist is a great thing for dead music. my favorite shows were when donna G. was with the band. that was a long time ago, but when i listen to recordings i know that my memory has not deceived me. i never saw the jerry garcia band but have heard recordings and female backups were a very good component.

your band sounds great and very "dead-like" which is, i assume your goal. if i was younger and in better health i would certainly make an effort to see you in person.