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 #1682  by jhc
 Fri May 20, 2005 10:34 am
waldo041 wrote:
jhc wrote:That's pretty awesome...

that pedalboard is Jerry-licious :)

Thanks jhc! :cool:
you see the direction i was going. hey i see you live in chi town. whereabouts? i am in the burbs(lansing). peace, waldo
I'm in the city, sort of between Lakeview and Uptown

 #1684  by waldo041
 Fri May 20, 2005 11:38 am
yes strummin i was! and still am! i am currently in a cover band ( ) and am working on another cover band project. i have a drummer that gets us making some money doing that, but i love to play the dead. funny that you are from hoffman estates, my dad was a recruiter for the air force and i went to armstrong elem. for a little bit while we lived there in hoffman estates. it was so tiny back then. i also have an uncle that still lives in schaumburg. so i am really familiar with where you are at. you don't happen to be in that new band might as well do you? or are you looking to get a gd tribute together? seems to me that there is a lot of heads around these parts. peace, waldo
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 #1685  by waldo041
 Fri May 20, 2005 11:41 am
jhc wrote:I'm in the city, sort of between Lakeview and Uptown
i am also familiar with where you are. i attended sullivan high school the last semester of my freshman year (89) after we returned from england where my dad was stationed. i played baseball for sullivan and played some games in your 'hood, i also love the cubbies. peace, waldo

 #1691  by strumminsix
 Mon May 23, 2005 7:21 am
Hey Waldo, I sent you a PM.

 #2121  by jahozer
 Thu Oct 13, 2005 8:46 am
Wow, Waldo, I love your setup. I was playing with a guy for a while who had a rig close to yours. The mutron is really the only way to go. Its soooooo warm and organic.
I have modified my rig since that first post.
I removed the crybaby cause it was noisy and the eq cause it had ground fault issues.
I added my old (don't laugh) DOD fx25 envelope filter. The green monster. not the newer one. Its about 25 years old. It gets a bad rap. I hated it for years, but now I get really close to the mutron. The key for me is to squish the hell out of it with the compression. I thought it should go before it to control the dynamics of the effect, but for some reason its better afterwards.
It also helps that I have a switch on my guitar that allows me to switch between single and double poles on my pickups.
So my gear as is:
'79 Gibson 335 (custom left)>DODfx25>Boss compressor CS2>Arion Octaver>Analogman TS9 Silver>Korg Ax1G>Boss DD5 Digital Delay>Ampeg Superjet SJ12T 50W tube amp.

 #2122  by waldo041
 Thu Oct 13, 2005 9:34 am
waldo041 wrote:my first post here, so i wanted to go ahead and post my rig. here it goes.

Mexican Fender strat w/ carvin twinblade humbuckers
bridge and middle pickups coil tap and jerry's effects loop with unity gain buffer.

the effects loop goes to a GCX audio switcher for the switching of the effects. which are:

mutron III
phase 100 script
distortion+ script
boss OC-2
mxr analog delay
DIY tubescreamer (handmade by me)
ADA 2 fx (digital delay/chorus/flanger)
Kenwood Quadrixer(spring reverb)

thru a
behringer V-Amp Pro preamp(i use the blackface setting)
thru a
GAS Son Of Ampzilla amplifier
3- 10" old speakers(this is the next upgrade)

a picture without the quadrixer can be seen here.

i cheaply built my own rack and speaker cabinet, so please no harsh criticism. enjoy, waldo
i have since changed bands.

and i have also have done some downsizing of the gear.

to start off i dropped the son of ampzilla amp, behringer v-amp and kenwood quadrixer. also the speaker cab. i cut my rack in half, but still use the same effects and guitar setup. i changed over to a fender blues junior/ with some mods to it to clean up the tone stack and added some bias pots so it don't run so hot, this helps to not breakup as much. i can get a cleaner louder setting without the breakup(i use the pedals for that). i also chose to do a reverb mod to help make the reverb more transparent. it makes this little amp sound more like an old blackface. next will be a speaker change once i get the dough.
jahozer wrote: So my gear as is:
'79 Gibson 335 (custom left)>DODfx25>Boss compressor CS2>Arion Octaver>Analogman TS9 Silver>Korg Ax1G>Boss DD5 Digital Delay>Ampeg Superjet SJ12T 50W tube amp.
that is a really nice rig you got jahozer. you definately got the best dod envelope filter there is. i was wondering if you tried to swap those transistors on your crybaby or better yet get it true-bypass to eliminate the noise? here is a link that might help you achieve this. if you wanted of course. ... z/wah.html

well i hope this helps.
keep on truckin.

 #2194  by daepstein2594
 Wed Nov 09, 2005 10:07 am
my first post here. i have been playing for about 4 years. i am 41 years old. better late than never right? i own a martin 00016sgt. i love the acoustic thing :smile:

 #2340  by jjbankhead
 Wed Dec 07, 2005 11:55 am
28 have been playing now for almost 3 years, am going nuts making scale charts and chord dictionarys and DLing as many tabs as i can... mostly dead, allmans and stones.

my only guitar is a takamine acoustic/electric G series, i think it has a pretty rich sound, but there are nicer out there. Originally the action was super high and i like those medium gauge (i gues they are the heaviest) ernie ball strings so i had the action lowered at the nearby guitar guru shop.

looking forward to getting an electric soon, i need something cheap that will hold tune and have decent tones because i won't be able to buy another one for a while after, i was looking at those epiphone SG customs (sort of a pearl white color with three humbuckers) but they stopped making them and i cant find any more. Have been looking into some Ibanez because most that i have played have decent sound, and hold tune quite well also aren't a million bucks.

looking to play one of those jet kings because i like the look of it, but i haven't gotten to play one yet.

ill post here as soon as i get an electric.

 #2502  by whitelacestrange
 Sat Dec 17, 2005 8:29 pm
i've only been playin for alittle over 3 years, but i'm learnin fast, and can play just about anything now. (i have no life outside music) my dad gave me his old 79' stratocaster, i got a marshall stack last june, plus i use my dads gibson ES-330 practically whenever i want, and i have a martin co. shenandoah acoustic guitar.

 #2552  by Ozrichead
 Wed Dec 21, 2005 4:02 am
My gear is a 2000 Fender American Vintage '62 Stratocaster, a 1978 Fender Deluxe Reverb and a few pedals: Maxon OD-808, Cesar Diaz Square Face Fuzz, 1968/69 Vox wah, 1976 JEN Volume Pedal.
I also have a Line6 POD that I use for recording stuff with the computer and everyday playing at home.
Some of my stuff:


 #2682  by Jack Straw
 Fri Dec 30, 2005 5:43 pm
1977 Ibanez 2680 Bob Weir Model w/vine (sold)
1989 JB Player Strat with EMG's
1995 Ovation Celebrity AE
1989 Casio PG380 midi guitar black with Modulus\Alembic Blackknife neck
1989 Modulus Blackknife BW6 neck-thru Bob Weir Signature Model
1987 Modulus Blackknife Special 3H
2002 Alvarez Yairi Weir WY80 w/vine #46 of 80
2005 Ibanez BWM1BS "Cowboy Fancy" custom Bob Weir reissue #9 of 30

power amps:
Mackie M1200
Ashley FET 500

Mesa Boogie Studio Preamp
Intersound IVP (yellow, now toast, power supply burned)

TC Electronics poly tune
TC Electronics G System
Furman RV 1 reverb
Intersound RV100 reverb
Furman PQ4 EQ
Ashley CL 50 compressor/limiter
Lexicon MPX100
Hush IIB noise reduction
Korg DTII rack mount tuner

Mutron III+
Hughes & Kettner Tube Factor
Boss AC2, AW2, OC3
MXR Auto Q
Cry Baby 525q
Ernie Ball volume pedal

Hard Truckers clone 2X12 JBL E-120's 8ohm
2 Gauss 12" 8ohm
1 Meyer Sound Labs 12" 8ohm

amps & combos:
Line 6 Spyder II
Crate Powerblock

MiLab LSR 3000
Sennheiser MD421
Sure SM57-58

thanks for the kind words!

since my ISP took all my webspace away (thanks cox cable) here's some different pics



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 #2686  by louis ortic
 Fri Dec 30, 2005 8:21 pm
Epiphone Casino and a Twin Reverb.
Jangle and Feedback

 #2710  by amyjared
 Sat Dec 31, 2005 11:37 pm
OK, I'll bite:
Been playing for 20 years of my 42 and have
Acoustic: old epiphone as a travel guitar and a nice '74 Martin D-28
Electric I have a Fender strat ultra plus with lace sensor pickups. I play through a fender deluxe reverb reissue and I use an ibanez ts-9 deluxe and a behringer cs-100 compressor/sustainer. -Amyjared

 #2715  by gr8fulbluz
 Sun Jan 01, 2006 12:39 pm
I have been playin since the mid 80s and i will never be happy with my tone or meself :shock:
My current set up is pretty simple.
I have a Carvin DC127 with stock pickups and a fishman bridge pup as seen in the sig pic. It is so green ;)
I also have an 1986 Alvarez artist series acoustic and a fender 12 string acoustic.
I have a 16 watt Carvin vintage amp. I sometimes use a zoom 2020 processor with amp
that is about it, pretty simple, i want something but i dont know what?

 #2774  by jahozer
 Thu Jan 05, 2006 9:18 pm
HOLY COW Jack Straw!!!
I think I just came! :shock:
That is an impressive setup.
And thanks Waldo.
No I have not changed the resistor or done any electronic work. I am dying to, but generally frightened by the whole thing.

I getting a mod done on my delay to control the volume of the delay with an expression pedal, and I am thinking about getting a "sniper mod" done to my Boss GE-7 eq.
I am also getting a mini Qtron.
And looking for a Sundown Amp.

I also own a PA and all the expensive crap that goes along with all that. Definately not as fun as guitar gear.

I should post here more often. More people are and seems like it should be a good time!
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