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How do you set your intonation?

Play open string/press the 12th fret and adjust to the depressed 12th fret
Press 12th fret/play 12th fret harmonic and adjust to the 12th fret harmonic
Press 5th fret/press 17th fret and adjust to the depressed 17th fret
 #114112  by TRG
 Fri May 18, 2012 4:48 pm
strumminsix wrote:
TRG wrote:So when you say the truss rod plays a roll (which I can completely understand)...are you saying in so much as the screw adjustment has only so far that it can go...and if you've gone all the way front/back and your still sharp/flat that one of the next courses of action would be a TS adjustment?
Nut, truss rod, action, saddles, intonation all inter-relate. Nut has to be cut correctly as the starting point. There is fairly large intonation sweet spot but you'll find that guitars with too much relief or a back-bow never intonate correctly. Think of a guitar neck like a V but a very large angle like 170 degrees with the 7th fret being the low point and that's how it's designed, planned, angled for, everything. All inter-relates.
Thanks strumminsix. That definitely makes sense. I should've prefaced that I'm coming from a position where the Nut and TS are already good (atleast to me they are) and that I'm simply going for the fine tune adjustment of an "intonation" adjustment. However, you've got me thinking about everything interelating in a holistic so much as those screw adjustments on the saddle are not the definition of "intonation"...but everything (nut, saddle, TS, etc...) all are in play when speaking to the intonation of an instrument. I know, obvious, but I've never thought about it that way until I started messing around with the saddle adjustments myself vs. having my tech make those changes when needed.