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 #94418  by desireindisguise
 Thu Feb 24, 2011 8:37 pm
Well, it's not nearly as cut and dry as paying TC $500 and buying him a room at Econo Lodge. Airfare, would probably be the biggest expense in the equation anyway. The guy didn't fly out from From S.F. just to sit in with me and we had nothing to do with the arrangements and logistics. Making this sound as though I threw $500 at the guy to play with us is misleading, it gives the impression that he was bought off and anyone can do it too, which i assure you was not the case.

TC might not have been as accommodating to some folks as he was with us. We all had conversations and hung around with him all night long. TC played anything we wanted. it went like this:

Mr. Charlie
Cold Rain and Snow

He had no qualms with playing any of the material and he knew all of it. We rehearsed Darkstar in case he requested it, but we only had a little over an hour to play. Basically, i searched him on youtube and tried to pick tunes i saw him perform, simple, can't-lose concept really.

 #94420  by Chuckles
 Thu Feb 24, 2011 10:07 pm
Tom doesn't live in San Fran; he lives in Charlottesville, VA. Maybe he was out in SF and stopped in... "Hello Cleveland!" on his way back home???

Dude, Tom is one of the most accommodating people I've ever met. If you were more accommodating, you might have offered him some solo time and he could have wowed the audience with some of his classical chops or hilarious originals. But I guess they were all there to see you guys, huh?

(Sorry, man. You opened up a whole new can o' worms with the PM :lol: :mad: :shock: :lol: :drink: :twisted: :evil: :lol: )
 #94430  by desireindisguise
 Fri Feb 25, 2011 9:23 am
I'm not in charge of keeping track of where TC lives, but i do know for a fact that he and several other people were flown in from SF to do this. He wasn't the only "celebrity" to make an appearance.

there was no accommodation quote directed towards you. (chuck)

TC wasn't there to do solo, that's not how it was set up and that's not what he requested. Of course i arranged for everyone to get their turn to jam and of course TC got extended time in all of the songs we played. I think that should be a given, why imply otherwise?

TC's originals are great. We would have played some of them for him but we had, literally, a 5-day notice and no time to add new material.

Like i said before, we didn't handle the booking, logistics or promo. This show was set up by...well, a guy i know who knows TC. There is a story behind how this all happened, but i don't wish to make that public.

Had that all been handled in a different manner then there would have been a few hundred heads down there to see us, but that's not how it happened and i had no control of the event.

you've no need to apologize for anything, you could have made the responsible decision by not "stirring the pot" so to speak.

look ma, i can put emoticons in my posts too! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Blast you for referencing "Hello Cleveland" before i did. I'm in the middle of screwing with this new wireless receiver all week long and got caught up with it while replying, consequently forgetting about the Spinal Tap interjection.

neither i, nor TC or my bandmates wore any spandex during the gig.

there was a funny little side story about something that happened that night with TC that you would all get a chuckle (no pun) out of, but leave it to a certain someone to change the subject. sheesh.
 #94434  by JonnyBoy
 Fri Feb 25, 2011 9:48 am
tcsned wrote:
Hell, $50 & a case of Old Swill to see Jonnyboy in a spandex suit and viking helmet would be worth it :shock:
OHHH, You asked for it now! I just went into our storage unit and got the cocoon's, (the door is broken though) and our 6" stone henge for our next gig. "Where the children dance to the pipes of pan!"

No need to get upset about the TC thing, we are all very happy for your worthy success. We all strive for it ourselves, sometimes you just gotta tell someone when you have "arriving moments", but do expect others to think it is bragging when it is not humble, I think when you separated yourself from anyone else that paid to have TC play, which is I am sure the same thing for you, He did get paid right? I think that is the wrong way rub in the end. Either by you or the promoter, your manager, etc.... TC got paid to be there and wouldn't be there without that check prolly. FWIW I would post a pic of us jamming with TC too, and I am sincerely happy you got to do it.
 #94475  by Chuckles
 Sun Feb 27, 2011 3:37 am
Hey man, I'm just bustin' chops and trying to make light of stuff. Only reason I was wondering about TC coming from SF was when I talked to him he seemed to be working towards heading to Europe and it seemed odd that he would be out on the west coast... especially after playing a string of shows with local bands on the east coast. That's all; abundance of smileys meant to indicate absurdity.

I was serious: if you have a going concern, I hope folks were there to check you out and got the bonus of TC sitting in with y'all; would love to hear the story of how it went down!

I would most decidedly not pay good money to see anyone here in spandex!
 #94667  by desireindisguise
 Wed Mar 02, 2011 11:43 am
TC was not paid to be at this event. He was paid to speak in front of students at Kent State the night before. He came to this event as a favor to the promo guy. The event we played was for a "School of Rock" thing for children, in fact we had a 9 year old take a turn on guitar during Mr. Charlie - he was really good. Anyway, i was contacted by the promo dude because TC requested that he sit in with a Dead tribute/cover band at the end of the night. The house wheeled out an old keyboard for him to play on, which promptly refused to make any sounds. Next they wheeled out an old piano from the back and placed it next to the stage. TC played on that for Shakedown, but afterward my keyboard player and TC switched equipment.

About 8pm, a few hours before we went on, a bog stench on some really great high-potent herb came wafting from the bathrooms - way in the back of the club. enough for everyone to notice. about 10 mins later here comes TC walking by himself from the hallway back there, just as unassuming as he could be. It was so obvious, but he kept a straight face lol. :D

yeah, so, he was not paid to play with us. 8)

oh and "legendary rock photographer" Don Aters was there as well.