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 #92146  by Soekarno1
 Fri Jan 14, 2011 3:35 am
Here is a labour of love I have been labouring over, lovingly!

These are (more or less) one hour compilations of live Grateful Dead music, year by year, absolutely heaps of them, all soundboards, sourced from the GD vault.

Originally distributed freely to deadheads by back in 2006 and 2007, here these 192kbps mp3s are bunched together in yearly compilations instead of according to the month and day (regardless of the year) as was the case with's Tapers Section.

These 'releases' were hand picked by the righteous David Lemieux, archivist and ears-in-chief at The performances are all, at the very least, well worth a listen - if not astounding. They may well spark a return to an overlooked show or even some downloading activity from the archive. The sound quality is excellent throughout - and has been carefully tweaked too.

I am simply passing these freebies on, cut up, tagged, grouped and tweaked for level so that the playlists are smooth upon the ears.

There are 80 of them and there will be five more 'Leftovers' compilations uploaded before the project is finally finished.
 #93303  by Soekarno1
 Mon Feb 07, 2011 12:31 am
Here are a few of the most popular Dollops (so far):

1990 (Vol.2)
01. Shakedown Street 3rd April 1990
02. Hell In A Bucket 3rd April 1990
03. Sugaree 3rd April 1990
04. Scarlet Begonias 16th March 1990
05. Estimated Prophet 16th March 1990
06. Ship Of Fools 16th March 1990
07. Women Are Smarter 16th March 1990
08. Jam 16th March 1990

1977 (Vol.2)
01. Estimated Prophet 20th March 1977
02. Drums 25th May 1977
03. The Other One 25th May 1977
04. Wharf Rat 25th May 1977
05. The Other One 25th May 1977
06. The Wheel 25th May 1977
07. Around And Around 25th May 1977
08. Johnny B. Goode 25th May 1977

1978 (Vol.1)
complete Set II 5th May
01. Bertha
02. Good Lovin'
03. Ship Of Fools
04. Estimated Prophet
05. Eyes Of The World > Rhythm Devils
06. Not Fade Away
07. Stella Blue
08. Around And Around
09. Werewolves Of London

1972 (Vol.3)
01. Playing In The Band 18th November 1972
02. Truckin' 16th July 1972
03. The Other One 16th July 1972
04. He's Gone 16th July 1972
05. The Other One 16th July 1972
06. Looks Like Rain 16th July 1972

1989 (Vol.1)
01. Truckin' 4th August 1989
02. Wang Dang Doodle 4th August 1989
03. Crazy Fingers 4th August 1989
04. Cumberland Blues 4th August 1989
05. Bird Song 27th December 1989
06. Sugaree 12th July 1989
07. Shakedown Street 9th July 1989
08. Jack Straw 9th July 1989

More than 80 more at the blog mentioned in the opening post.