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 #91510  by Cmnaround
 Sat Jan 01, 2011 11:23 am
Just scored a mint looking POD Xt pro rack unit off of craigs list for $200 - nice. I want to incorporate into the effects loop of my tube pre amp so I can tap into all the mod and delay effects but not take away from my tube amps tone.

What is the best way to hook it up? I came across these 2 options -
1) run in effect loop of pre amp and set wet/dry mix to like 50/50 to blend in processed signal - what I was originally thinking - or -
2) guitar direct into POD and my preamp in the effect loop of the POD. Apparently give flexibility to add filter and other effect before the preamp and delay and modulation effeats post preamp signal.

It's a Mesa v-twin rack preamp into a mesa 20/20 power amp with a nice cab and tone tubbys - so I want to avoid impacting the tone I get from that set up as much as possible, and don't think I would want to use any of the cab simulations - also an area for any advice.

And didn't Bobby have one of these in his rig at one time? Anyone know if he used that as his main preamp or in the effects loop?

Much appreciated and happy new year -
 #91512  by strumminsix
 Sat Jan 01, 2011 1:11 pm
I've run it this way:
Guitar > XT > Amp

I'd avoid FX loops as needless steps and cabling.

Bobby used one and really liked the Vox modelling.
 #91517  by jackr
 Sat Jan 01, 2011 3:59 pm
strumminsix wrote:I've run it this way:
Guitar > XT > Amp
That is pretty much the way it needs to be done because you may not want certain effects like overdrive etc in the loop. It really is a cool piece of equipment in general.

I had one for a while but sold it. I thought it sucked some tone and was a too tricky to dial in especially if you change guitars. And if you went from humbuckers to single coil you need a completely different set up.
 #91519  by Stone
 Sat Jan 01, 2011 4:07 pm
guitar >POD > Full range monitor

I too scored a POD ProXt super cheap. I use it most for acoustic shows for delay and tuining and the added pre-amp ability. I never liked any sound I got with it till i ran it into a full range speaker. One night i decided to try it out on a song or two in the first set. I also had my Bogner up there all lit up. I used the pod almost all night and got a ton of complements on the tone of my Strange eh..
 #92706  by barefootdave
 Tue Jan 25, 2011 6:35 am
I use a POD XT Live on stage, and keep an A/B switch in front of it so I can bypass it completely when I want to. This only works, of course, because there are two inputs on the front of my Dr. Z amp. I like the POD for the mutron, leslie, and delays; don't use it for much else. I don't care for the overdrive/distortions much, I place a ZenDrive in front of the A/B switch and use that pretty much exlcusively for the OD.

Yes, keep the amp/speaker emulations turned off at all times, but it is cool to have a second "mirrored" set of presets with emulation on as a backup in case the amp fails and you have to go straight to the board.
 #92718  by tcsned
 Tue Jan 25, 2011 10:56 am
lol - I just sold my XT since I never used it. I would avoid the loop too. How's the 20/20 amp? I've been thinking of getting something like that for my rig maybe the Two:50. I have one of those V-Twin rack preamps too - just got it fixed after catching fire at a gig a few years ago (though kept working while it was burning :cool:
 #92723  by Cmnaround
 Tue Jan 25, 2011 11:29 am
Thanks for the advice guys, much appreciated. I ended up running the POD XT pro in the effects loop of my Mesa V-Twin pre amp. The amp mods, especially the distortions, sound fantastic through headphones or direct record, but as part of my live signal mixed with my pre-amp, or even dircet into my 20/20 amp and then into a cabinet, they just are not the same.

I played around with it, with no amp or cabinet mods on, as part of my effects loop, wet/dry around 50/50, until I could hear no apparent impact on my clean tone when I switched it on - because there is indeed a huge difference between the POD XT pro clean tones going direct into the 20/20 power amp and then into my cab vs. just my Mesa pre amp - the Mesa sounds just way better, much warmer, no bitter high ends, you get the point. So when set up where I have either my clean or chrunchy tone from my V-twin pre amp, which the chrunchy is quite nice so no need for any of the modded distortion effects, I can then add in delays, phaser, reverb or any of the other numerous effects the POD XT Pro has to offer, in combination of I think like 4 effects plus reverb - that sound pretty good to me. I have some scratch tracks of sugaree and brown eyed women on my myspace with this set up, the deal track is same set up without POD XT-Pro signal in effects loop. I give it major thumbs up, if you take the time to get the settings right for your rig and guitar. Mostly reverb, delays, and mod effects like phaser or chorus.

As for the Mesa 20/20 power amp, I actually started playing lately it where the volume should be, around 10-11 o'clock on the dials, and I absolutely love it. It gets pretty loud, and unless you are playing a really big club, I think would be sufficient and no need for the 50/50. The amp sounds good at 8 o'clock setting where you won't shake the room, but really sounds good when you can push it and plenty loud to cut through the mix - takes up a single rack space. I also give thumbs up big time.
 #92728  by tcsned
 Tue Jan 25, 2011 12:40 pm
that sounds like a reasonable way to go - I was thinking after the V-Twin and before the power, I forgot that the V-Twin has a effects loop I was thinking you were going to run the V-Twin through the effects loop on the XT. Are you using any distortion or other pedals in your rig? Or are you planning on using just the XT for all effects?
 #92741  by Cmnaround
 Tue Jan 25, 2011 3:43 pm
tcsned wrote:that sounds like a reasonable way to go - I was thinking after the V-Twin and before the power, I forgot that the V-Twin has a effects loop I was thinking you were going to run the V-Twin through the effects loop on the XT. Are you using any distortion or other pedals in your rig? Or are you planning on using just the XT for all effects?
Ah yes - running the pre amp in the effects loop of the POD- this is what got me to post initially. I came across people using what they called the "4 cable" method to run digital effects processors in a set up where you have a separate pre amp and power amp going on. Suggested this would allow you to tweak the set up on the effects processor to place some effects before the pre amp and some after - sounds good on paper, but in my case it sounded like I lost a lot of punch from my amp this way - most signal was all processor w some preamp blended in from the loop. Running the effects processor in the effects loop of the pre amp gets me primarily amp signal with the effects - in the loop that is - dialed in like 50% or so.

For other effects, just guitar > Q-tron > Dynacomp > V-twin pre amp > 20/20 power amp > tone tubby AlNiCo & ceramic. The Mesa lead channels can get real hard rock heavy - but there are 3 modes on that channel and the lightest gets some really nice creamy distortion. Keeps it pretty minimal and mostly analog. The V-twin also has a great direct out that sounds pretty much just like what you hear out of the speakers sans all the air moving around the room.