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 #91031  by old man down
 Thu Dec 16, 2010 10:12 am
Over the last few years I would type into a browser Jerry Garcia August West drawing and it would take me to a dot com auction site where, if I wanted, I could buy the Garcia drawing for north of $56,000. It hadn't been moving at all and could always be seen there. But I tried once again the other day and it is nowhere to be found. However, the image can still be found on the Internet and it has ucsc in its URL. (University of California Santa Cruz)

So, I'm guessing that when UCSC became the archive for the Grateful Dead they saw to it that they purchase the drawing from the auction site since it should definitely be in their posession for posterity.

It is a small sketch of a guttersnipe, the only known drawing done by Garcia that has a reference to a Grateful Dead song in that it is entitled August West.

Always wished I could have bought it, but I would have had to have hit the lottery to even consider it, and then I would have worried about it getting stolen.

Anyone know anything about it?

 #91040  by vwjodyme
 Thu Dec 16, 2010 11:18 am
image makers art is the company that used to do tours of jerry's art. Looks like their site is down right now, but you might be able to get a print from them.