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 #84179  by DeadlyHeptet
 Tue Jul 27, 2010 9:48 pm
Earlier this year, I met with the Associate Director of Library Development, Letitia Bennett and spoke about the opening of the UCSC Archives. I contributed some money as preserving the memory of what where some of the best times times of my life is important to me. If you care to contribute, here's how to do it:

Make the check to: UCSC Foundation (this insures you get a tax deduction)
Memo line: Grateful Dead Archive

Mail it to Lettie's attention at the address below.

In an Email I received from her about a month ago she said they are making wonderful progress with the Archive. They had just finished the agenda for a full day meeting with their new archivist, Nick Meriwether. "Nick is SUCH an asset" (her comment). Lucky bastard (my comment).

The archive opening was set back by a fire they had in the area of the library being renovated. So, they are now thinking Fall 2011 for opening, with a formal opening in Spring 2012.

BTW, Lettie is a lady from the south who told me she saw the Grateful Dead once, but "didn't get it." HAHAHA! Nevertheless, she is VERY enthusiastic about this project.

Here is the website for the archive;

There is also some secured way to contribute online, but you will have to ask Lettie or maybe it is on the website.

Peace, Peter

Letitia A. Bennett
Associate Director of Library Development
UCSC Library,
1156 High St.
Santa Cruz, CA 95064
Tel. (831) 459-4211