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 #83563  by Cmnaround
 Sun Jul 18, 2010 11:09 am
I know it's not quite July 26 yet, but wanted to acknowlegde the 20th anniversary of a moment that changed the trajectory of the Grateful Dead in a really significant way: The untimely passing of Brent Mydland.

I always liked Brent and what he brought to the band during his tenure. The last two years in 89 and 90 were just amazingly tight. Remember the unannounced Warlocks shows in Hampton like a week before the official kick off of the fall '89 tour? Breakouts of Help > Slip>Franklins, Dark Star, Death Don't Have no Mercy, Attics? What a great time. Brent always rocked it.

A few out of nowhere Brent memories: Summar 89 at RFK singing Far From Me. Brent was pretty animated, sounding like he was directing the lyrics toward someone specific hehehe. And spring 89 at the Rosemont in Chicago, Brent split in the middle of the first set to run back stage - prompting Jery to snap his guitar cord looking kinda pissed that Brent wasn't ready for the next tune to start. Hope to hear some more memories and off the wall Brent stories over the next few weeks.

If you have not yet seen - a pretty cool video of Brent and the guys messing around in a hotel piano bar -

Rock on Brent Mydland - Rock on...