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 #83157  by sants
 Sun Jul 11, 2010 9:47 pm
Just got home from Further tonight in Philly and it was really good show. The played awesome versions of Shakedown and St. Stephen.

John K was hitting some chords during St. Stephen and it was dead on Jerry, just like everything else he does. I am trying to get that style down but I need to find some better examples. Not to sound silly but the way jerry plays a chord at certain times kind has a chuga chuga sound to it. Real open and organic. He did it often during Franklin's Tower but it is not exactly how he does it in the beginning of the song. Stu kind of does it a little around the 1 minute mark of the Moriarty Wolf vid.

I guess I am more so looking for examples or advice if anyone knows what I am talking about.
 #83163  by jackr
 Mon Jul 12, 2010 4:31 am
Off course right at that point the camera would have to be at the back! Anyway, try just playing the triad to get that. (only 3 notes)

Jerry used a lot of triads in his playing.